McShane Engineering Inc

McShane Engineering provides the following services:


MEI has evaluated equipment from a process improvement or capability perspective. We have also completed assessments on equipment that has been worn or damaged due to age or accidents. In addition, we have reviewed equipment which has been locked out by the Ministry of Labour until a 54 (1) K has been completed.



MEI has developed comprehensive LOTO systems for industrial clients including equipment LOTO assessment, identification tags, LOTO maps, LOTO procedures and LOTO policies. The goal with any LOTO system is to ensure that all forms of energy related to a piece of equipment are neutralized prior to adjustment, cleaning and/or maintenance. This also includes activities such as clearing jams and or spills. Our approach is to conduct an initial evaluation on your plant and prioritize/group equipment which is being accessed on a frequent basis. From there we can develop a LOTO system which will ensure personal safety is maintained. Once the system is rolled out, we can provide detailed training in how to use LOTO as an effective safety tool.

service image for Lock-out/Tag-out

Hazardous Area Classification

Under the Ontario Electrical Code, a hazardous area classification must be completed prior to powering up electrical equipment which is installed in certain areas within a plant. MEI has been retained to complete these assessments using MSDS information and evaluations of the plant area. We then create a classification drawing and documentation of where the hazard zones are and finally identify what types of electrical equipment can be installed in each zone. This information is used as a specification for designing electrical equipment within the zone or area.

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Racking Inspections

Under section 7 of Ontario Regulation 851, racking is an item which requires a PSR if it is recently installed and/or modified. MEI has conducted field evaluations of new and used industrial racking. Our reports are comprehensive, detailed and specific in identifying which rack components require replacement and/or repair. This information is an excellent tool for clients looking to develop their own periodic inspection policies and procedures.

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Industrial Design

MEI has designed equipment ranging from custom safety fall arrest and extraction hoists to mezzanine access structures. We have also designed custom buildings and lifting structures/devices.

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Dust Collection Design

MEI has designed highly specialized dust collection systems in both inert and classified zones. The systems range from low, modified and high velocity types. The big challenge with dust collection is collecting the right amount from the right place and then transferring it without wearing out pipes and ducts. The next challenge is finding an appropriate path or route from the pickup point to the dust collector through an existing plant containing numerous obstacles. Our output on these projects is a comprehensive drawing package which is suitable for construction and installation.

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Project Management

We take pride in our ability to drive projects forward to completion regardless of the challenges before us. Many of these projects are in a state of jeopardy when we join the team, so we are comfortable with challenging timelines. Our philosophy is that to manage a project efficiently, one must consider the scope, timeline and budget inclusively. These elements are tightly woven and are reflected in our company symbol.

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